Galley Items

Over the decades Concorde flew there have been truly wonderful menus but the various tableware designs were exceptional too!

The glass, china and cutlery that passengers would use were all designed for British Airways' Concorde fleet.

There were several designs and you will find some of those on this website.

Acquiring "full sets" of any design can be a challenge, owing to their scarcity, testimonial in itself to its great attraction.


Conran - Concorde - Single Place Setting £145.00

British Airways commissioned Conran to design for them, what was to become the last desighn used on Concorde.

Nachtmann Straight Glass set of 6 £38.00

Made by Nachtmann (UK Ltd.) from crystalline glass containing between 7-10% lead.

“Black/Silver Line” 4 piece set £41.00

This 4 piece set comprise, cup, saucer, small plate and medium plate.


“Stylised Concorde” Cruet Set £30.00

The "stylised Concorde" (or "droop nose") surrounded by blue and bordered by 2 gold rims, was the first design to be used on British Airways' Concorde fleet.

“Black/Silver Line” Cruet Set £26.00

A really attractive little collectable: salt & pepper pots and butter pat, in this very classic design.