Engineering Collectables

Concorde was powered by four Rolls Royce Olympus 593-610, turbojet engines, controlled and navigated by what is now considered "old technology" but in its day, it was "light years" ahead of the rest!

Three very telling facts:

  • There is no other civilian aircraft that travels near the speed Concorde flew, 1370 mph.
  • No other aircraft (including military) which can travel for 3 ½ hours as Concorde did regularly, London/New York, without refuelling!
  • It did both of the above with up to a 100 passengers on board plus their baggage!

Here you will find a variety of collectable items many of which will have a copy of, if not the original, Certificate issued on behalf of British Airways, authenticating the item’s originality and its use on or in support of Concorde.

"Engineering Collectables", are fantastic talking pieces, when you stop to think what aircraft they were on and what engineering went into their making.

It's getting more difficult to obtain original Concorde items now so, don’t miss out!

Concorde Turbo-Jet Engine, Complete with Afterburner. £1,350,000.00

Concorde Turbo-jet engine, an Olympus 593-610 engine with after-burner and transport / storage frame.

Total Temperature Air Sensor Type 1 £1,985.00

Rosemount Aerospace Air Temperature 1

Model FZA-PMA BAE Concorde Type 1.

Low Pressure Stator 15" (complete set of 40 blades) £4,400.00

A complete set of 40 blades from the Low Pressure side.

High Pressure Stator 6" (complete set of 77 blades) £5,250.00

A complete set of 77 blades from the High Pressure side.