Spitfire & Concorde Tribute

Concorde G-BOAA with Battle of Britain Spitfire P7350  over the White Cliffs of Dover.

Overall Frame Size approx 21" x 14".


This item is no longer available, all sold.


The photograph was taken on 26th March 1993 to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Captain W D (Jock) Lowe PhD was at the controls of Concorde, which had to fly as slow as possible as can be seen from the very acute angle, whilst the Spitfire was flying flat out, finding it difficult to keep up with Concorde.


The photograph bears two original signatures:


  • Captain W D (Jock) Lowe Ph.D (in Concorde) and
  • Captain Melrose Eric (Winkle) Brown CBE, DSC, AFC, although not flying the Spitfire that day is the Fleet Arm's most highly decorated pilot. 


Captain W.D. (Jock) Lowe Ph.D, British Airways Chief Pilot 1991-1996, Concorde Commercial Manager 1996-1999, Chief Concorde Pilot 1989-1991, Concorde Captain 1989-200, Concorde Pilot 1975-2001. 


Captain Eric Melrose “Winkle” Brown, CBE, DSC, AFC (born 21 January 1919) is a former Royal Navy officer and test pilot who has flown more types of aircraft than anyone else in history. He is also the Fleet Air Arm's most decorated pilot, and holds the world record for aircraft carrier landings.


Each of the numbered frames of this limited edition of just 39 frames contains an original flown Concorde engine blade from a 6th. stage High Pressure Compressor from a Rolls-Royce Olympus 593-610 turbojet engine, acquired from the British Airways (Dovebid) auction 22-24 June 2004.


The segment of fuselage skinning was recovered from Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia X4473, which was built in Southampton and recovered when the aircraft was excavated out from its crash site near Cardiff.


There were 20 Concordes built. Spitfire X4473 joined 19 Squadron (16th. September 1940).

So, 20 (Concordes) plus 19 (Squadron) makes 39, (itself a significant year).