Total Temperature Air Sensor Type 1 £1,985.00

Rosemount Aerospace Air Temperature 1

Model FZA-PMA BAE Concorde Type 1.

This item comes with the original British Airways Certificate of Authentication.


Etched on the body of this instrument is "FAA-PMA BAe Concorde Type 1"


This is a magnificent piece of engineering and incredibly tactile.


Each of the 4 engines had one of these sensors fitted in the air intake diffuser, to the rear of the rear ramp. They were positioned in such a way to protect them from foreign object damage. The probe is a dual element, de-iced, platinum resistance probe with a 115 V a.c. self regulating de-icing heater. The output signal was sent to the ADC1, along with the inputs from the Pitot Probe, Digital Machmeter, Angle of Attack Sensor and various other gauges.


That's the technical bit, but what did it do?


What this "little baby" did was take a static sample of the air, not easy when you consider Concorde was "motoring along" at 1320 mph or 1 mile every 2.7 seconds, having "caught" the sample, it then took it's temperature and fed the reading back to the ADC1, which each pilot had in centre position. The air was then released through the vent holes to the rear.


The engineering in this item is second to none, the sensors and the gold plated pick-up points were welded into the body. The welding is hard to see, such is the high quality of finish! The aerofoil, which you can see in the picture is, almost sharp to touch.


Inside this instrument is 3 elements, 2 are temperature sensors (resitance bulbs) and the other is a de-icer (270 watts). At the speeds Concorde flew, this instrument would get cold, it would ice up. The de-icer kept it frost free but in so doing gave off heat, when the air temperature was being measured the de-icer heat had to be compensated, this was done by having 2 heat sensors.

Ideally this would look at its best mounted but we suggest you may wish to consider carefully how to do so, it is tactile and you may want to be able to take it off the mounting for when, well frankly, showing it off!



Height: approx. 5 1/4" (130mm)

Aerofoil (front-to-back) approx. 2" (50mm)

Flange (long) point-to-point approx. 5" (125mm)

Flange (short) point-to-point approx. 3 1/2" (90mm)

Intake nozzle, approx 20mm x 12mm.