Concorde Memorabilia

The increasing fascination for collecting Concorde memorabilia and tracking down those sought after items is testimonial in itself of their attraction!

If you want that “something special”, maybe for gift or something for your own collection, we hope you're able to find it here.

The items on this website are for the appreciative and discerning collector of Concorde memorabilia.

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“On Board Items”

Concorde passengers were often given “a little something” as a token of British Airways, a reminder of their flight on Concorde, which were also known as, “On Board Gifts” and they usually included a small certificate, we show these in the pictures and have made reference to them in the text description. Ordinarily these items were only available if you flew on board Concorde, they were not for sale, you were “presented” with one as a gift. Now, from this site, they are available to you!


“Galley Items”

Depending on the flight duration, passengers were served a variety of culinary delights and beverages. Another absolute certainty was the quality of the glass, china and cutlery that passengers would use.

Over the years there were several designs of china. The very first being the stylised Concorde (in a band running around the rim), other classics included the Metalised (silver colour) band next to the Black line. Another was the Black line with the Metalised (silver colour) line. The final one being designed by Conran. You will find here, something of most if not all of the various designs used on Concorde, so hopefully you will be able to compliment your own collection. All of the designs were made from Fine Bone China by either Royal Doulton or Wedgwood. Of course Royal Doulton and Wedgwood are in their own right collectables, but when combined with something off Concorde, more so!


“Engineering Collectables”

Concorde was powered by four Rolls Royce engines, controlled and navigated by what is now regarded as “old technology” but in its day was “light years” ahead of the rest!

Three very telling facts, are these:

There is still no other civilian aircraft that travels anywhere near the speed at which Concorde did, 1370 mph!

There is still no other aircraft (including military) which can travel for 3 ½ hours as Concorde did regularly, London/New York, without refuelling!

It did both of the above with up to a 100 passengers on board plus their baggage!

One final word about the “Engineering Collectables”, they are fantastic talking pieces, when you stop to think of the aircraft they were on and what engineering went into their making, not just the design but the actual expertise in making these parts.

Never before Concorde, had something like this been done, even today Concorde has no successor!